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There is always something fascinating going on throughout the year, and the end of summer in Dubai is no different!

One of the highlights of the summer in all of the United Arab Emirates is Dubai Summer Surprises — a shopping and entertainment event that is held from the beginning of August to September 5th.

The event was created in 1996 in an effort to bring a substantial amount of tourism to Dubai, making the city a desirable summer destination for the world. The event’s official website suggests that “Summer is Dubai,” and encourages visitors to come and see the city’s “fun and surprising side.” Whether you’re here on a solo shopping trip or a family vacation, there is an event tailored for you at Dubai Summer Surprises.

If you’re interested in winning some fantastic prizes (who isn’t?!), you can participate in some of the event’s raffle draws. You are also entered into contests just for shopping in Dubai’s most luxurious malls! If chosen, you could win some terrific prizes and shopping vouchers.

The surprises continue with an amazing lineup of entertaining shows, musical concerts and events of all kinds. Disney on Ice, the Animal Parade and summer camps for kids are perfect for any family considering a vacation to Dubai. Sports fans should make sure they attend Dubai Sports World and the FINA Swimming World Cup. Other events worth mentioning include Vishal & Shekhar in concert, the Amazing Hair Show and “The Legendary Straniero.”

One of the main reasons tourists flock to Dubai Summer Surprises are the amazing deals and discounts found in the city’s most popular malls and souks. There are countless spa specials, sales at retail stores and even discounts on cars!

Have you already checking out Summer Surprises? We are just excited as you are about these amazing deals and want to be a part of them. If you’re in Dubai for the festival and want a free consultation for any of your vision problems, contact us to set up an appointment. Mention “Dubai Summer Surprises” for a special discount on our services!

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We love being in Dubai and supporting our local community. There are many benefits to visiting Atlanta Vision Clinic and having LASIK surgery in our beautiful city, like the Expo 2020, spotting cool police cars and incredible tourism developments.

Awesome Police Cars

Have you been walking through Dubai and spotted the super fleet of luxury police cars? These supercars are some of the most expensive and fastest in the world! The fleet is comprised of all styles, models and manufacturers including Bugatti which can reach a max speed of 267 mph (about 430 kmh) and goes from 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds! McLaren Automative, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes, Audi and Ford models round out the fleet.

Considered one of the most progressive police forces in the world, these cars actually help to break down the barrier between the police (often seen as a threat) and the public. The cars are shown off in populated areas of the city and people can snap Instagram shots of the cars and take selfies with officers. These cars are even a tourist attraction!

To learn more and see the fleet, check out this video:

The Mall of the World

new mall of the world development in dubai

Plans for the world’s first temperature-controlled “city” were just announced. Called the Mall of the World, this 48-million-square-foot center will become a new tourist district in Dubai. With a retractable roof, the city will be air conditioned during the hot summer months. Hosting the world’s largest mall, there will also be 100 hotels, apartment buildings, a theme park and cultural district modeled after New York City’s Broadway. There will be an area specifically for medical tourism called the Wellness District, a large retail street network modeled after London’s Oxford Street and a “Celebration Walk” area that will be modeled after Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

This new development will add to Dubai’s developing tourism industry. We are also pleased that the developers are considering and incorporating modern technology and building techniques to follow environmentally-friendly guidelines and reduce the Mall’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

To view more artist renderings and plans of the Mall of the World, read this article from Arch Daily.

We’d love to see you in Dubai! If you’re interested in having LASIK surgery in Dubai, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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The Atlanta Vision Clinic wishes you and your loved ones a blessed Ramadan.

ramadan in dubai

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surprising facts about cataracts

A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye which affects and impairs vision. The clouding causes an image to be blurred because less light can pass through the lens to the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye that sends signals to the brain. Cataracts are related to aging and are often considered a result of the aging process. By age 80, more than half of all Americans have developed a cataract in at least one eye or have had cataract surgery. Here are a few more facts about cataracts that you might not know.

1. Cataracts are responsible for 51% of world blindness.
Cataracts remain the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Cataracts continue to worsen over time until the lens is completely occluded, causing blindness if left untreated. This statistic represents about 20 million people in 2010.

2. Cataracts don’t just affect the elderly.
Generally, cataracts are an age-related illness but that term is a bit misleading. Babies can be born with congenital cataracts or develop cataracts in childhood due to infection or poor development in the womb. Younger adults in poor health, on certain medications or who suffer severe eye injuries may also develop cataracts. Traumatic eye injury can also result in cataracts.

3. Cataract surgery completely removes the lens of the eye.
Cataracts form when cells in an eye’s lens die and accumulate, turning white or yellowish and clouding the lens. Surgery is performed in 30-45 minutes and you remain awake during the procedure. The cloudy lens is removed through a small cut in the cornea and replaced with a clear, artificial lens called an intraocular implant or intraocular lens.

4. Cataracts can’t be prevented.
While some precautions can be taken — avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, wearing sunglasses and living a healthy, active lifestyle — may help to prevent cataract growth, there is nothing that will completely prevent cataracts from forming.

5. Cataracts won’t grow back.
Cataracts are the accumulation of dead cells, not a growth. During cataract surgery, the lens and accumulate dead cells are removed which eliminates the potential for a cataract to return. A patient may develop what’s called a secondary cataract following surgery if the membrane that holds the implant becomes cloudy. This can be treated with a quick, painless laser surgery procedure performed in a doctor’s office.

6. Cataracts aren’t contagious.
A cataract may develop in one or both eyes, but can’t spread from one eye to the other or to another person.

7. You can have LASIK after cataract surgery!
Modern cataract surgery typically drastically reduces a person’s need to wear glasses depending on the type of implant used, as there are some implants intended to treat and correct presbyopia (an age-related condition where the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus). After cataract surgery, some people may still find the need to wear glasses for reading, driving or seeing things at a distance. In this situations, discuss the possibility of LASIK surgery with your ophthalmologist. LASIK can be performed three to six months after cataract surgery which allows the eye ample time to heal.

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Following her LASIK surgery in Dubai, blogger Sally Gray shared a contest on her blog, to give away three free surgery consultations with Dr. Ashraf normally valued at 500 Dhs. The winners also receive a 25% discount if they choose to have surgery.

On May 23, Sally announced the winners on her blog; the winners were also shared on our Atlanta Vision Clinic Facebook page.

Congratulations Selma Romola, Eden Varin and Ghazal Saleem! These three lucky ladies were selected at random to receive complimentary consultations and a discount on their LASIK surgeries!

lasik discounts in dubai


The consultations are completely no-obligation and require no commitment from the winners. The discount is available if they choose to have the surgery, but they are welcome to elect not to have LASIK.

Dr. Ashraf looks forward to meeting with these ladies soon in our Dubai LASIK clinic! Thanks to Sally Gray for hosting this contest and to all the contestants who entered.

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protect eyes from UV rays

Did you know that the Burj Khalifa — the tallest building in the world — is actually so tall that you can experience Dubai’s gorgeous sunsets twice? There’s a three-minute time difference between the ground level and the top floor of the building, so you can watch the sunset on the ground and then take the elevator to the top to see the sun set again.

This mind-boggling fact and Dubai’s bright, gorgeous sunshine year-round are great encouragement and a strong reminder to protect your eyes from UV rays.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are emitted by the sun and can penetrate the atmosphere. There are two types of UV rays: UVA and UVB. The first type makes up 95% of all the UV rays that reach the Earth’s surface. This type of UV is also far more damaging. It is associated with premature skin aging and wrinkling and can cause cancer. UVB rays are those responsible for sunburn and reddened skin.

UV rays don’t just affect your skin. They can damage your eyes, reverse the effects of LASIK surgery, and cause cataracts or cancers of the eye. Skin cancers often induced by UVA exposure can occur on the eyelids, or on the surface of and even inside the eye.

To protect your eyes, wear sunglasses that absorb 100% of both UVA and UVB or are labeled UV400. This is the highest level of protection available and shields your eyes from even the tiniest rays. It’s important to wear sunglasses even on cloudy days and while you’re driving because UVA rays can penetrate clouds and glass. Wear sunglasses when you’re in an area with highly reflective surfaces like snow water or ice, and encourage children to wear sunglasses whenever they are outdoors to protect their growing eyes.

If you have recently had LASIK surgery, comply with your surgeon’s directions and wear the protective eye shields or sunglasses provided. Remember to wear sunglasses whenever you are exposed to sunlight and avoid activities that will prevent you from wearing sunglasses until your eyes are fully healed to avoid reversing the effects and damaging your vision.

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dubai blogger sally gray shares her lasik story

On March 9, blogger Sally Gray visited the Atlanta Vision Clinic for LASIK surgery in Dubai. She previously required a very severe, high-powered prescription to see clearly. Originally from Canada, Sally moved to Dubai two years ago with her husband and is a fulltime blogger. She frequently travels to write her blog, so having crystal-clear vision was a necessity.

Sally documented the surgery in a video she shared on our Facebook page. (You can watch it here on YouTube.) She also shared her experiences in a no-holds-barred blog post. We caught up with Sally following her surgery to learn a little bit more about why she chose LASIK surgery and Dr. Ashraf.

Atlanta Vision Clinic: Why did you choose to have LASIK?

Sally Gray: I was tired of waking up every morning and not being able to see, but the main reason was because I wanted to be able to see once I started a family. I had horrible vision prior to the surgery and there was no way I could wake up daily without putting my contacts in. (I was not a glasses person!)

AVC: How long were you wearing contacts or glasses before having LASIK?

SG: Since grade 3! Basically my whole life; I’d say about 20 years.

AVC: Why did you choose Dr. Ashraf? Did you meet with any other surgeons?

SG: I did not meet with any other surgeons. Seeing his credentials in the USA, with doing over 40,000+ surgeries, I knew I was in good hands.

AVC: How was your recovery time?

SG: One day! The second day [after my surgery] I was free and could see! I unfortunately am a sucker for pain so I was bedridden for the rest of the first night.

AVC: How has LASIK improved your life?

SG: I don’t have to worry about my vision. It’s like I am free of a burden and a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. I still cannot believe that I will never have to wear contacts again. That and the HUGE money saving factor!

AVC: Are you satisfied with the results?

SG: 100%. I do not have a problem with my vision at all. If I had to be more specific, I do see halos but it’s very minor and not noticeable at all until I focus in on them. Plus, I am still in my healing stage. I just can’t even begin to explain how happy I am. I can wake up and see!

AVC: Is there anything you’d like to share with Dr. Ashraf?

SG: I cannot thank Dr. Ashraf enough for giving me the gift of sight. It definitely was the best thing that has ever happened in my life! You can experience new things as you journey through life, but your vision is for life.

Thanks again to Sally Gray! Read more about Sally’s better than 20/20 vision in her follow up blog post here. We appreciate that she chose Dr. Ashraf and the Atlanta Vision Clinic for her LASIK surgery.

Photo credit: Sally Gray


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easy ways to improve vision

Whether you have already had LASIK or are still considering laser eye surgery while wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, protecting your eyes is fundamental to maintaining your vision. As you age, you may experience changing prescriptions, cataracts, dry eyes or a decrease in eye muscle stability. Be proactive and follow these steps to maintain and save your vision.

  1. Have regular eye exams.
    Comprehensive eye exams are an easy but vital step to maintaining your eye health.  At least once each year, have your eyes examined and vision tested by a certified optometrist or ophthalmologist. These exams are especially important if you wear contact lenses or glasses because you need to keep your prescription current. Regular exams for children ensure that eyes are developing normally and can address vision problems early, before they negatively impact a child’s education. Eye doctors are often the first to detect diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes, so regular eye exams benefit more than just your eyes!
  2. Wear protective eye gear.
    If you’re swimming, surfing or participating in water sports and activities, wear goggles. Water may carry dirt or bacteria that could cause eye infections. If you play contact sports, invest in specialized eye glasses with shatterproof lenses and bendable frames.
  3. Take out your contact lenses.
    We’ve all fallen asleep still wearing our contact lenses. It happens. Doing that regularly, however, or failing to clean your lenses can dry out your eyes. Lenses can form a layer of build-up, as well, leading to an increased potential for eye infections or damage.
  4. Wear sunglasses, even when it’s cloudy.
    While you’re outside, even if just for a few moments, wear sunglasses that are rated to block both UVA and UVB rays which can damage the eye. Wearing sunglasses is especially important following LASIK surgery, but those UV rays can actually reverse the effects of laser eye surgery. Sunglasses also help to prevent debris like sand or dust from entering the eyes.
  5. Wash your hands.
    We touch our eyes, intentionally or otherwise, all the time. This can easily transmit debris and bacteria to our eyes, causing infections like conjunctivitis (pink eye). Touching your eye and then another surface can also transmit bacteria from your eye to someone else causing an infection to spread. To protect your health and your eyes, wash your hands frequently — especially before directly touching your eyes if you need to put in or remove a contact lens.

These simple, easy preventive measures can protect your vision and keep your eyes safe.

Photo credit: © Jamstockfoto/Photoxpress

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The benefits of having LASIK surgery in Dubai UAE

Dubai is a bustling urban metropolis that offers a rare combination of Western-style luxuries with the history, architecture and culture of the Middle East. As the medical tourism industry here continues to grow, we see and treat more patients arriving from outside the UAE. International patients visit us from all over Europe, Russia and even Hong Kong.

Known for its outrageous architecture, luxury amenities and entrepreneurial spirit, Dubai is a fascinating vacation destination. LASIK surgery requires little downtime for recovery, so having the procedure performed in our Dubai clinic offers you the opportunity to explore the unique atmosphere of our city.

These are our top five reasons to travel to Dubai for LASIK surgery:

  1. Amazing architecture. After your recovery period, test out your new contact and eyeglass-free vision from atop the Burj Khalifa. Also known as the world’s tallest building (and famous for its scene with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4), the observation deck offers expansive views of the gorgeous city below and natural wonders beyond.
  2. Beautiful natural wilderness. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve offers a peaceful reprieve from the glitz and glamor of city life. Hike through the Reserve or the Hatta Mountain, or enjoy a sandboarding adventure down the Red Dunes.
  3. Spectacular shopping. Dubai is known for its shopping, and has plenty of shopping malls featuring haute couture, luxury and affordable brand names to satisfy your spending itch. Or, visit traditional Arabic marketplaces, called souks, where all kinds of goods — from spices to silks and pottery — are traded and sold.
  4. Attractions and amusement. From Dubailand to the aquarium to theme parks or the Dubai zoo, there are plenty of activities in the city to entertain and amuse.
  5. Gorgeous warm weather, year-round. During the summer season (July through September), temperatures can hover above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. During the “off” months of winter, though, temperatures remain between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a pleasant getaway from the artic and icy winter weather.

While enjoying the sun and the sites in Dubai, we recommend our LASIK patients make sure to wear protective eyewear or sunglasses that will block out harmful UV rays which can damage eyes and potentially reverse the effects of the LASIK surgery.

Plan your trip to Dubai today. Contact our office to explore your LASIK treatment options and schedule an appointment.

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World expo 2020 in Dubai

Last month it was announced that Dubai has been awarded World Expo 2020, and we could not be more thrilled at the Atlanta Vision Clinic. Our beloved city beat three strong competitors — Sao Paulo, Brazil, Izmir, Turkey and Yekaterinburg, Russia — and will be the first destination in the Middle East to host the World Expo.

Dubai’s winning theme is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” The city — home to the world’s tallest tower, busiest airport and largest man-made island — has a long history of pioneering new ideas, making it an excellent place to bring the global community together to explore the key points of global development: Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity.

The World Expos began with The Great Exhibition, held in London in 1851. Since then, the expos are held every five years. The international gatherings draw millions of visitors and allow the global community to bring together ideas, innovations and make progress on major issues of worldly importance with pavilions, exhibitions, and cultural events. The Expo in Dubai will run for six months, From October 20, 2020 through April 10, 2021.

The site chosen for the event spans 1,082 acres and is located between the major international airports of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai is anticipating nearly 70% of visitors will come from outside the UAE. We’re thrilled to hear that preparations are expected to create nearly 277,000 new jobs in Dubai and will inject nearly $40 billion USD into our local economy overall.

While the city has many preparations to undertake, we’re encouraging those curious about LASIK to prepare with the most advanced in laser eye surgery technology. Our office has the latest technology to perform LASIK surgery, including the newest cross-linking treatment. We also offer the newest advancement in LASIK surgery: the iFS ™ IntraLASIK is entirely blade-free, allowing for a safe and completely customized laser eye surgery experience.

Schedule a consultation with our skilled staff today by calling 971-04-348-6233 and gain 20/20 vision to experience World Expo 2020.

Photo credit: © expo2020dubai.ae

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