dubai blogger sally gray shares her lasik story

On March 9, blogger Sally Gray visited the Atlanta Vision Clinic for LASIK surgery in Dubai. She previously required a very severe, high-powered prescription to see clearly. Originally from Canada, Sally moved to Dubai two years ago with her husband and is a fulltime blogger. She frequently travels to write her blog, so having crystal-clear vision was a necessity.

Sally documented the surgery in a video she shared on our Facebook page. (You can watch it here on YouTube.) She also shared her experiences in a no-holds-barred blog post. We caught up with Sally following her surgery to learn a little bit more about why she chose LASIK surgery and Dr. Ashraf.

Atlanta Vision Clinic: Why did you choose to have LASIK?

Sally Gray: I was tired of waking up every morning and not being able to see, but the main reason was because I wanted to be able to see once I started a family. I had horrible vision prior to the surgery and there was no way I could wake up daily without putting my contacts in. (I was not a glasses person!)

AVC: How long were you wearing contacts or glasses before having LASIK?

SG: Since grade 3! Basically my whole life; I’d say about 20 years.

AVC: Why did you choose Dr. Ashraf? Did you meet with any other surgeons?

SG: I did not meet with any other surgeons. Seeing his credentials in the USA, with doing over 40,000+ surgeries, I knew I was in good hands.

AVC: How was your recovery time?

SG: One day! The second day [after my surgery] I was free and could see! I unfortunately am a sucker for pain so I was bedridden for the rest of the first night.

AVC: How has LASIK improved your life?

SG: I don’t have to worry about my vision. It’s like I am free of a burden and a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. I still cannot believe that I will never have to wear contacts again. That and the HUGE money saving factor!

AVC: Are you satisfied with the results?

SG: 100%. I do not have a problem with my vision at all. If I had to be more specific, I do see halos but it’s very minor and not noticeable at all until I focus in on them. Plus, I am still in my healing stage. I just can’t even begin to explain how happy I am. I can wake up and see!

AVC: Is there anything you’d like to share with Dr. Ashraf?

SG: I cannot thank Dr. Ashraf enough for giving me the gift of sight. It definitely was the best thing that has ever happened in my life! You can experience new things as you journey through life, but your vision is for life.

Thanks again to Sally Gray! Read more about Sally’s better than 20/20 vision in her follow up blog post here. We appreciate that she chose Dr. Ashraf and the Atlanta Vision Clinic for her LASIK surgery.

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easy ways to improve vision

Whether you have already had LASIK or are still considering laser eye surgery while wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, protecting your eyes is fundamental to maintaining your vision. As you age, you may experience changing prescriptions, cataracts, dry eyes or a decrease in eye muscle stability. Be proactive and follow these steps to maintain and save your vision.

  1. Have regular eye exams.
    Comprehensive eye exams are an easy but vital step to maintaining your eye health.  At least once each year, have your eyes examined and vision tested by a certified optometrist or ophthalmologist. These exams are especially important if you wear contact lenses or glasses because you need to keep your prescription current. Regular exams for children ensure that eyes are developing normally and can address vision problems early, before they negatively impact a child’s education. Eye doctors are often the first to detect diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes, so regular eye exams benefit more than just your eyes!
  2. Wear protective eye gear.
    If you’re swimming, surfing or participating in water sports and activities, wear goggles. Water may carry dirt or bacteria that could cause eye infections. If you play contact sports, invest in specialized eye glasses with shatterproof lenses and bendable frames.
  3. Take out your contact lenses.
    We’ve all fallen asleep still wearing our contact lenses. It happens. Doing that regularly, however, or failing to clean your lenses can dry out your eyes. Lenses can form a layer of build-up, as well, leading to an increased potential for eye infections or damage.
  4. Wear sunglasses, even when it’s cloudy.
    While you’re outside, even if just for a few moments, wear sunglasses that are rated to block both UVA and UVB rays which can damage the eye. Wearing sunglasses is especially important following LASIK surgery, but those UV rays can actually reverse the effects of laser eye surgery. Sunglasses also help to prevent debris like sand or dust from entering the eyes.
  5. Wash your hands.
    We touch our eyes, intentionally or otherwise, all the time. This can easily transmit debris and bacteria to our eyes, causing infections like conjunctivitis (pink eye). Touching your eye and then another surface can also transmit bacteria from your eye to someone else causing an infection to spread. To protect your health and your eyes, wash your hands frequently — especially before directly touching your eyes if you need to put in or remove a contact lens.

These simple, easy preventive measures can protect your vision and keep your eyes safe.

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Dr. Ashraf

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The benefits of having LASIK surgery in Dubai UAE

Dubai is a bustling urban metropolis that offers a rare combination of Western-style luxuries with the history, architecture and culture of the Middle East. As the medical tourism industry here continues to grow, we see and treat more patients arriving from outside the UAE. International patients visit us from all over Europe, Russia and even Hong Kong.

Known for its outrageous architecture, luxury amenities and entrepreneurial spirit, Dubai is a fascinating vacation destination. LASIK surgery requires little downtime for recovery, so having the procedure performed in our Dubai clinic offers you the opportunity to explore the unique atmosphere of our city.

These are our top five reasons to travel to Dubai for LASIK surgery:

  1. Amazing architecture. After your recovery period, test out your new contact and eyeglass-free vision from atop the Burj Khalifa. Also known as the world’s tallest building (and famous for its scene with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4), the observation deck offers expansive views of the gorgeous city below and natural wonders beyond.
  2. Beautiful natural wilderness. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve offers a peaceful reprieve from the glitz and glamor of city life. Hike through the Reserve or the Hatta Mountain, or enjoy a sandboarding adventure down the Red Dunes.
  3. Spectacular shopping. Dubai is known for its shopping, and has plenty of shopping malls featuring haute couture, luxury and affordable brand names to satisfy your spending itch. Or, visit traditional Arabic marketplaces, called souks, where all kinds of goods — from spices to silks and pottery — are traded and sold.
  4. Attractions and amusement. From Dubailand to the aquarium to theme parks or the Dubai zoo, there are plenty of activities in the city to entertain and amuse.
  5. Gorgeous warm weather, year-round. During the summer season (July through September), temperatures can hover above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. During the “off” months of winter, though, temperatures remain between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a pleasant getaway from the artic and icy winter weather.

While enjoying the sun and the sites in Dubai, we recommend our LASIK patients make sure to wear protective eyewear or sunglasses that will block out harmful UV rays which can damage eyes and potentially reverse the effects of the LASIK surgery.

Plan your trip to Dubai today. Contact our office to explore your LASIK treatment options and schedule an appointment.

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World expo 2020 in Dubai

Last month it was announced that Dubai has been awarded World Expo 2020, and we could not be more thrilled at the Atlanta Vision Clinic. Our beloved city beat three strong competitors — Sao Paulo, Brazil, Izmir, Turkey and Yekaterinburg, Russia — and will be the first destination in the Middle East to host the World Expo.

Dubai’s winning theme is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” The city — home to the world’s tallest tower, busiest airport and largest man-made island — has a long history of pioneering new ideas, making it an excellent place to bring the global community together to explore the key points of global development: Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity.

The World Expos began with The Great Exhibition, held in London in 1851. Since then, the expos are held every five years. The international gatherings draw millions of visitors and allow the global community to bring together ideas, innovations and make progress on major issues of worldly importance with pavilions, exhibitions, and cultural events. The Expo in Dubai will run for six months, From October 20, 2020 through April 10, 2021.

The site chosen for the event spans 1,082 acres and is located between the major international airports of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai is anticipating nearly 70% of visitors will come from outside the UAE. We’re thrilled to hear that preparations are expected to create nearly 277,000 new jobs in Dubai and will inject nearly $40 billion USD into our local economy overall.

While the city has many preparations to undertake, we’re encouraging those curious about LASIK to prepare with the most advanced in laser eye surgery technology. Our office has the latest technology to perform LASIK surgery, including the newest cross-linking treatment. We also offer the newest advancement in LASIK surgery: the iFS ™ IntraLASIK is entirely blade-free, allowing for a safe and completely customized laser eye surgery experience.

Schedule a consultation with our skilled staff today by calling 971-04-348-6233 and gain 20/20 vision to experience World Expo 2020.

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On October 24, we finally received the equipment to perform cross-linking procedures during LASIK surgeries. The equipment was up and running within the week to the relief of many of our patients, some of whom waited up to two months for its arrival! This advanced technology allows us to simultaneously perform LASIK surgery and cross-linking treatments.

Cross-linking is a simple and brief procedure that follows LASIK surgery. This is a new procedure and is the latest advancement in LASIK surgery technology. It is a simple way to treat and even prevent corneal ectasia.

Corneal ectasia is a degenerative disease of the cornea. The thinner, often weaker, post-LASIK cornea cannot withstand the normal pressure within the eye, called intraocular pressure, which often results in further thinning of the cornea or even bulging or protrusions of the cornea.

While the disease currently has no cure, cross-linking is a simple preventative treatment. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) eye drops are applied to the eye after the LASIK procedure and then exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This creates a chemical reaction that causes bonds to form between the collagen molecules that make up the framework of the cornea. This results in a stronger, stiffer cornea.

Current LASIK patients can receive the cross-linking procedure when they undergo LASIK surgery in Dubai, but cross-linking is also available to people who have already had LASIK surgery or who suffer from similar degenerative corneal diseases.

“This is the newest advancement in LASIK surgery and technology,” said Dr. Farooq Ashraf, MD, FACS, the medical director of Atlanta Vision Clinic. “We’re one of the first LASIK surgery centers in Dubai to have this cutting edge system and we’re excited about providing our patients this progressive method for treating and preventing eyesight problems.”

To schedule a consultation and find out if cross-linking will benefit your vision, please contact our clinic at 917-04-348-6233.

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Dr. Ashraf

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dubai lasik

Our Dubai LASIK surgery practice, the Atlanta Vision Clinic, has been getting requests for LASIK surgery from a lot of people outside of Dubai. In fact, we have helped patients from all over Europe and Asia to improve their vision.  This is because, according to the CEO of our Health Policy and Strategy Sector, Dubai’s medical tourism industry is booming, and LASIK surgery is one of the medical services that are attracting people in need of quality medicine from all over the world. You can read more about that here.

We have definitely seen the effects of Dubai’s medical tourism industry at our practice. People come to Dubai from all over to get LASIK surgery, and we regularly see patients who have traveled from Europe. Just last week we had two people who came all the way from Hong Kong!

Getting to treat so many people from so many different countries is part of what makes our work so interesting. It is always great to hear that a patient has traveled across countries to come to our practice!

The success of Dubai’s medical tourism industry is no accident. This initiative is being strongly backed by our leadership and the Health Policy and Strategy sector, and has been made even more successful by the fact that Dubai is already one of the top tourist destinations, which you can read more about here. Because of its location and accessibility to so many people, Dubai is the perfect destination for those seeking quality medical services. Additionally, because our doctors are fluent in many other languages, there are no language barriers—an important factor when it comes to medical services.

If you are interested in getting LASIK surgery in Dubai, please look around our web site to find out more about our practice and contact us here. Even better, give us a call at 971-04-348-6233.


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Dr. Ashraf

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One of Dr. Ashraf’s Atlanta LASIK patients recently received LASIK surgery at the Atlanta Vision Institute and we recorded her experience for others to view! In addition, we interviewed this patient before and after the surgery which is available to read below:

Our Staff: What made you decide to get LASIK?

Sam: I hated wearing my glasses and I would always lose them. My contact lenses have always bothered me, I’ve never been able to wear them for longer than 2, 3 hours at a time and I recently developed to an allergic reaction to them. So I was definitely ready to get LASIK and be free from glasses and contacts for good!

Our Staff: What were you feeling before you got LASIK?

Sam: Overall I felt really safe. I was a little nervous at the beginning because the experience was all so new to me but Dr. Ashraf talked me through the whole thing. He walked me through the entire procedure from beginning to end and made sure to answer all of my questions so that I felt really comfortable going into surgery. He made me feel very relaxed about everything.

Our Staff: What were you feeling after you got LASIK?

Sam: I felt great. My mom drove me home and I went straight to take a nap because Dr. Ashraf said that I needed to rest my eyes for a little while. My eyes didn’t hurt or itch or anything like that and as soon as I woke up from my nap I could see clearly!

Our Staff: What do you love most about having LASIK?

Sam: I love getting up in the morning because I can see everything clearly instead of having to reach for my glasses or put my contacts in. The whole experience is so cool and I love that all I have to do now is put on clothes and go!

Our Staff: What would you say to someone who was thinking about getting LASIK?

Sam: I say do it, you will not regret it and you are in good hands with Dr. Ashraf. His knowledge, experience and credentials are what made me confident in him as my LASIK surgeon and the fact that he is so calming and reassuring made me feel so comfortable and relaxed about the whole procedure. Don’t wait another day to see clearly!

Dr. Ashraf

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blueberries for eye healthDuring the summer, crisp blueberries are the perfect fruit to pop in your mouth and enjoy on a hot day. Not only are blueberries delicious but they’re also extremely important for your health, especially your vision. In fact, it has been reported that blueberries are one of the healthiest foods that people can consume to improve eyesight. According to CNN Health, some of the best foods to promote eye health are blueberries, carrots, and even almonds.

The reason blueberries are so good for you is because they’re packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Vitamin E. Vitamin C has been linked with reducing the onset of glaucoma as well as maintaining connective tissue in the eye. Vitamin A has been known to fight inflammation in the eye as well as treat dry eyes. Zinc is best known to protect against macular degeneration and night blindness, and finally Vitamin E has been linked with the possibility of preventing the formation of cataracts.

In addition to these powerful nutrients, blueberries also have what are known as anthocyanins, which maintain general eye health and may reduce inflammatory eye disease and damage to the eye as a result of diabetes.

Blueberries have also been reported to reduce belly fat, eliminate harmful toxins, reverse memory loss and more.

The best part about blueberries is that they can be enjoyed as a snack or mixed with other ingredients to make smoothies, juices, pies, cakes, cookies, muffins, jams, and more. Throw them on some yogurt as a healthy topping or freeze them with grapes to enjoy as a mid-afternoon snack!

All of us at the Atlanta Vision Clinic encourage our patients to consume more foods like blueberries to help improve their eyesight and promote other areas of health. Combined with eating healthy, Dr. Ashraf states that it’s also important to get your annual eye exams to ensure proper eye maintenance and health. Enjoy your blueberry packed summer today!

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Dr. Ashraf

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Monovision is a means of treating a condition known as Presbyopia, which typically occurs after the age of 40 and involves the inability to see objects up-close in one eye. Bifocals used to be one way to alleviate the problem of Presbyopia; however, with today’s advanced technology, laser surgery is another way to treat Presbyopia so that contact lenses or glasses don’t have to be worn.

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Dr. Ashraf

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There have been many inquiries about alternative remedies for treating and preventing Glaucoma. Although there is currently no hard evidence, some research indicates that the following factors may play a positive role in the treatment/prevention of Glaucoma:

  • Herbs and vitamins
  • Relaxing activities, such as yoga and meditation
  • Nutritious diet
  • Exercise

Dr. Ashraf also recommends regular eye exams to properly detect and prevent eye diseases like Glaucoma.

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