Middle East Film and Comic Con 2015
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Dubai is perfectly positioned at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa. The city attracts tourists with its unique combination of Eastern traditions and comforts of the West. Along with its sunshine, shopping, seaside, sports and safety, Dubai has earned a rapidly growing reputation as one the world’s most attractive and leading leisure destinations. The Atlanta Vision Clinic welcomes all who come to visit or vacation in our beloved city!

The Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC) brings together pop culture enthusiasts from across the globe. The 4th Annual MEFCC will take place over a three-day period (April 9 to 11) at The Dubai World Trade Centre. The first Comic Con was held in the late 1960s. The event quickly became popular, allowing fans to connect with their favorite characters from popular culture and the mainstream media. Held in venues worldwide today, the events attract thousands of fans every year.

As the only consumer event for fans of cult entertainment and pop culture in the Middle East, the celebration draws in fans from all over the region. It presents fans with the chance to connect and make friends with thousands of others. This year’s event will feature Star Trek’s legendary Captain Kirk, William Shatner, and star of The X-Files, Gillian Anderson. Other celebrity guests include Game of Thrones’ Miltos Yerolemou and Baywatch’s Angelica Bridges.

This event will be a vibrant and highly detailed visual spectacle. The Atlanta Vision Clinic wants you to see everything clearly at the 2015 Middle East Film and Comic Con. Schedule a LASIK consultation to prepare. Our office is equipped with the newest LASIK technology and board-certified LASIK surgeon Dr. Ashraf. We perform procedures designed with patients’ specific needs in mind. Call our office today to learn more about how we can help you see 20/20 in time for the 2015 MEFCC!

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What is Keratoconus?
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Keratoconus (KC) is a progressive eye disease in which the usually smooth, round cornea thins and weakens, resulting in a variety of accompanying vision problems. Exact causes of the disease are unknown, however it is genetic, and often passed down from parents to children. Keratoconus can also be caused by excessive eye rubbing, exposure to large amounts of ultraviolet radiation, or chronic eye irritation from allergens. Symptoms are typically first noticed in one eye around puberty. The disease will get progressively worse for ten to twenty years, and then usually slows down or stops.

The cornea is the clear tissue covering the iris and the pupil, through which most light is refracted as it enters the eye. Protein fibers in the eye called collagen hold the cornea in place and keep it rigid; Keratoconus causes the fibers to weaken and the cornea to bulge out in a cone-like shape. Current research suggests that this occurs due to an imbalance of enzymes within the cornea, leaving it more susceptible to oxidation, which is caused by free radicals.

Changes to the cornea severely affect vision in a variety of ways. Early symptoms will be slight blurring and distortion. Patients will develop a degree of nearsightedness and/or irregular astigmatism as the cornea becomes elongated. Symptoms vary from person to person and typically include sensitivity to light, glares and halos around objects, and streaking lights. Keratoconus may be suspected in the case of sudden vision change in one eye, double vision in one eye, or distortion of objects near or far.

Treatment for Keratoconus depends on how far the disease has progressed, and will likely change with relative frequency. In early stages, eyeglasses or soft contact lenses can be used to correct vision changes; other options are rigid, permeable contact lenses or custom lenses. Recent advancements in treatment include multiple brands of lenses designed precisely for keratoconic eyes (“piggybacking” a soft and a rigid lens), hybrid lenses that are rigid in the center and soft on the periphery, and scleral lenses that extend over the sclera (the white of the eye). Intacs are surgically implanted corneal inserts, and are used when corrective lenses can no longer sufficiently correct vision. The last resort is a corneal implant, in which the center of the cornea is removed and donor corneal tissue is implanted in its place.

Keratoconus is not a common eye disease, but it isn’t particularly rare either. It is estimated that one in two thousand individuals will develop some degree of KC. While it can be a debilitating condition, improved research and treatment options are reducing the severity of this disease. If you’ve been experiencing any symptoms or changes in your vision, it’s important to consult your ophthalmologist for a formal diagnosis.

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Wishing You a Happy UAE National Day
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The Atlanta Vision Clinic wishes you a happy 43rd National Day for the United Arab Emirates.


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Specials in Sight at Vision-X Dubai
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Each year, the industry’s leading eyewear and eye care professionals gather at the only trade event for the optical industry in the Middle East and North Africa regions. Vision-X Dubai is a 15-year old exhibition that encompasses every aspect of the optical business. It is being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from November 25 – 27. If interested, you are able to register for the event online.

The event has two distinctive categories: Optistyle and Optometry. Optistyle is targeted towards retail opticians and optometrists, and includes exhibitions of the latest styles of eye frames and sunglasses. Optometry includes all aspects of technical eye care products and services.

In the United Arab Emirates, the eyewear market has experienced rapid growth and is now worth more than $420 million. Vision-X recognized this and began their exhibition in Dubai, as it is the most populous city and emirate in the UAE and the second largest in size following Abu Dhabi.

Vision-X Dubai will exhibit every facet of the optical industry, including eye equipment, surgical instruments, eyewear and eye care. The event will allocate time for business leaders to display their products and services to attendees.

In honor of the event’s 15th anniversary, Vision-X is providing dozens of new topics and features for its attendees, including an optical fashion show that is one of the most anticipated segments of the exhibition.

A special feature of this year’s exhibition is the Vision-X Dubai Opticare Conference. Hosted from November 25 – 26 and granted 9.75 CPD Credit Points by the Dubai Health Authority, this event is a must-see for any eye professionals that hope to gain knowledge of the optical industry.

This year, the event is presenting the first-ever Vision-X VP (Vision Plus) Awards, which are sponsored by Vision-X and VisionPlus Arabia magazine. These honors will be presented to the industry’s best products in 15 different categories. An independent judging panel that includes top retail figures will evaluate nominees, and professionals in the eye industry are able to select their favorite entries. If you’re interested in reviewing the candidates, a list of the nominees are available on the Vision-X website. The Vision-X VP Awards winners will be announced at a lavish party on November 25.

Through the end of November, the Atlanta Vision Clinic is offering a special 25 percent discount on LASIK surgery to patients who enter the promo code Vision-X Dubai when scheduling an initial consultation on the website. If you’re interested in laser eye surgery and would like to book a consultation, please contact us or visit our website.


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Halloween Masquerade and the Dangers of Cosmetic Contacts
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With the end of October approaching quickly, many are beginning to decide what costumes to wear as well as their party plans for Halloween. This is especially true here in Dubai, where residents are preparing for The Rock Nation Halloween Masquerade at The Music Room.


Dubai residents looks forward to this Halloween party every year, where prizes are awarded for best costume to one man, one woman and one couple. A highly anticipated lineup of local bands have been scheduled, including Nervecell as the headliner, Aramaic, Coat of Arms, Alpha Kenny Buddy, Behold the Locus Ascendant and Point of View, a favorite of Dubai’s residents. The masquerade is adults-only, and tickets are AED 70 if bought early or AED 90 if bought at the door.


New studies suggest you should reconsider wearing cosmetic contact lenses that are not prescribed with the supervision of an eye doctor. While these accessories can make an outfit look truly realistic and, let’s face it, seriously cool, they can be dangerous to the health of your eyes.


According to the American Optometric Association, selling cosmetic contact lenses without a prescription is against the law in the U.S. and wearing them can be severely damaging to your eyesight. Even if they are for recreational purposes only, any form of contact lens is considered a medical device and should be treated seriously.


You should only purchase decorative lenses from licensed eye professionals and never on the Internet, beauty salons or convenience stores. It is important for you to discuss your desire to wear these accessories with your doctor; he/she can determine whether or not your eyes are healthy enough to withstand wearing contact lenses and will also know where you can purchase them safely. If you don’t normally wear contact lenses to correct your vision, your eye doctor will also be able to tell you what size is appropriate for your eye and how to properly clean the lenses.


Two of the most important precautions to take when wearing contact lenses, both cosmetic and for vision, is to never sleep in them and to never share them with others. Possible side effects of the improper or unsafe use of cosmetic lenses are infection, cuts or sores in the cornea, scarring and even vision loss. However, when fitted properly, cosmetic contacts can be a wonderful accessory to your Halloween costume.


When attending The Rock Nation Halloween Masquerade this year, make sure your costume is scary but safe to your health. After all, one night of ghoulish fun isn’t worth a lifetime of vision problems.



Photo Credit: © Simone van den Berg/Photoxpress

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The LASIK Myth
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An article recently published in Daily Mail highlights many issues regarding transparency in LASIK clinics in the London area. We view this as an opportunity to address concerns surrounding laser eye surgery and to reassure future patients who may be considering surgery at our Dubai LASIK clinic.

The article explores the fact that the risks associated with LASIK were not adequately explained to patients and that the advertised price for the procedure was later increased to include “unexpected fees.” These sales tactics were found at chain opticians such as Optimax and Optical Express, which scored the lowest of those investigated. Chain clinics often provide patients with a poor quality experience and unfortunately prioritize the sale over the patient.

Here at The Atlanta Vision Clinic, we pride ourselves on the way we conduct our practice and providing an exemplary experience for every patient. We ensure this by following three basic guidelines:

1. Prior to the procedure, prospective patients will have a consultation with one of our skilled LASIK surgeons to discuss whether or not they are a good candidate, which type of procedure will suit their needs best, and the possible risks and side effects.

2. We strive to use the most cutting-edge technology to perform our procedures. This is why we were one of the first clinics to offer advanced iFS IntraLASIK in Dubai and will continue to provide the most advanced technology to our patients.

3. We are upfront about our costs for LASIK surgery. With prices ranging from 5000 AED to 9000 AED per eye, we want our patients to feel comfortable knowing that they will not encounter any hidden fees. We also strive to make LASIK affordable by providing payment options.

At Atlanta Vision Clinic we put our patients first. We also suggest that prospective patients do some personal research prior to their initial consultation to understand the procedure and come prepared to the consultation with questions for our surgeons. If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation with one of our staff, please contact us.


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Gitex Shopper 2014
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Dubai is truly a global city in the shopping, hospitality, and medical industry. With an eye towards vamping up its technology sector, a myriad of events cater towards these future plans. Because we pride ourselves in offering the most advanced technology for our LASIK procedures, we are looking forward to Gitex Shopper 2014 showcasing the technological advancements made in consumer products.

The upcoming Gitex Shopper is a semi-annual event that is taking place September 27th through October 4th. This extravaganza is the largest consumer electronics event in the Middle East featuring product launches and special offers from some of the largest tech companies, including Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and many more. The event will also host a daily car giveaway provided by Honda, as well as surprise contests that will be announced randomly. Last year’s Gitex Shopper had over 200,000 visitors and reached AED 245 million in total sales.

The Atlanta Vision Clinic is proud to be in a global city that attracts those hungry for cutting-edge technology. Dubai’s mission to be recognized globally for their technological advancements is synonymous with ours. We strive to always provide the most advanced technological solutions for our patients’ LASIK procedures.


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Discounts and Deals at Dubai Summer Surprises
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special discount summer surprises 2014

There is always something fascinating going on throughout the year, and the end of summer in Dubai is no different!

One of the highlights of the summer in all of the United Arab Emirates is Dubai Summer Surprises — a shopping and entertainment event that is held from the beginning of August to September 5th.

The event was created in 1996 in an effort to bring a substantial amount of tourism to Dubai, making the city a desirable summer destination for the world. The event’s official website suggests that “Summer is Dubai,” and encourages visitors to come and see the city’s “fun and surprising side.” Whether you’re here on a solo shopping trip or a family vacation, there is an event tailored for you at Dubai Summer Surprises.

If you’re interested in winning some fantastic prizes (who isn’t?!), you can participate in some of the event’s raffle draws. You are also entered into contests just for shopping in Dubai’s most luxurious malls! If chosen, you could win some terrific prizes and shopping vouchers.

The surprises continue with an amazing lineup of entertaining shows, musical concerts and events of all kinds. Disney on Ice, the Animal Parade and summer camps for kids are perfect for any family considering a vacation to Dubai. Sports fans should make sure they attend Dubai Sports World and the FINA Swimming World Cup. Other events worth mentioning include Vishal & Shekhar in concert, the Amazing Hair Show and “The Legendary Straniero.”

One of the main reasons tourists flock to Dubai Summer Surprises are the amazing deals and discounts found in the city’s most popular malls and souks. There are countless spa specials, sales at retail stores and even discounts on cars!

Have you already checking out Summer Surprises? We are just excited as you are about these amazing deals and want to be a part of them. If you’re in Dubai for the festival and want a free consultation for any of your vision problems, contact us to set up an appointment. Mention “Dubai Summer Surprises” for a special discount on our services!

Photo Credit: © Summer is Dubai/Dubai Summer Surprises

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Cool Reasons we Love Being in Dubai
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We love being in Dubai and supporting our local community. There are many benefits to visiting Atlanta Vision Clinic and having LASIK surgery in our beautiful city, like the Expo 2020, spotting cool police cars and incredible tourism developments.

Awesome Police Cars

Have you been walking through Dubai and spotted the super fleet of luxury police cars? These supercars are some of the most expensive and fastest in the world! The fleet is comprised of all styles, models and manufacturers including Bugatti which can reach a max speed of 267 mph (about 430 kmh) and goes from 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds! McLaren Automative, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes, Audi and Ford models round out the fleet.

Considered one of the most progressive police forces in the world, these cars actually help to break down the barrier between the police (often seen as a threat) and the public. The cars are shown off in populated areas of the city and people can snap Instagram shots of the cars and take selfies with officers. These cars are even a tourist attraction!

To learn more and see the fleet, check out this video:

The Mall of the World


Plans for the world’s first temperature-controlled “city” were just announced. Called the Mall of the World, this 48-million-square-foot center will become a new tourist district in Dubai. With a retractable roof, the city will be air conditioned during the hot summer months. Hosting the world’s largest mall, there will also be 100 hotels, apartment buildings, a theme park and cultural district modeled after New York City’s Broadway. There will be an area specifically for medical tourism called the Wellness District, a large retail street network modeled after London’s Oxford Street and a “Celebration Walk” area that will be modeled after Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

This new development will add to Dubai’s developing tourism industry. We are also pleased that the developers are considering and incorporating modern technology and building techniques to follow environmentally-friendly guidelines and reduce the Mall’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

To view more artist renderings and plans of the Mall of the World, read this article from Arch Daily.

We’d love to see you in Dubai! If you’re interested in having LASIK surgery in Dubai, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Wishing You a Blessed Ramadan
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The Atlanta Vision Clinic wishes you and your loved ones a blessed Ramadan.

ramadan in dubai

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