Patient Reviews

Lauren Harris said: The ladies were more than helpful and made the whole experience a pleasure. Their understanding, caring and knowledge was endless. The procedure took less than 10 minutes in total and Dr. Ashraf was extremely professional, compassionate and talked me through the procedure. I left the clinic and went out to lunch — I did not experience any discomfort, my eyes were sensitive to the light although I just wore my sunglasses. I was back to normal within 1 day. I went to all my follow up appointments with improvement on every occasion. I am extremely thrilled that I had this procedure and I have and will always recommend Atlanta Vision and LASIK surgery. I have had such a fantastic experience with Atlanta Vision and am delighted with the results of my surgery. If I had known how simple, painless and quick the procedure was, i would have had it years ago! From the initial consultation to the check ups, the process has been fantastic. The whole team at Atlanta Vision have been great especially Dr. Huda who reassured me every step of the way.
Tilda Bowden said: My surgery was incredibly quick and totally pain free. There was no ‘bad bit’ and I found the whole process to be much easier than having a filling done at the dentist! I had no pain afterwards and although I had been warned of streaming eyes and light sensitivity, I have not experienced either of these.My vision is now perfect and I am delighted.Thank you so much.
Sarah Cousin said: It is life changing! The procedure doesn’t hurt at all. No need to stress, perfect conditions. It was a very quick and comfortable experience. The recovery period is extremely short. I had a dryness problem after the surgery but now I can see good results so I am very happy. Thank you for the great follow-up, consultation and advice from both Dr. Ashraf and Dr. Huda.
Fionnuala Munnely said: I wish I hadn’t waited so long! My experience at Atlanta Vision Clinic in Dubai was helpful and the staff was very friendly. I chose LASIK after experiencing sensitivity to contact lenses and I do not like to wear glasses.
Tony Barnard wrote: I was disappointed I didn’t consider LASIK earlier. It was quick and painless!
Louie Habbal wrote: Overall I’m quite happy although I did experience some ”mild discomfort” following the procedure.

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